Are new windows a good investment?

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Getting new windows installed

With the beautiful views and the extreme weather changes that Georgia can have, imagine what new window replacements would be like for your home. Whether it is your forever home with no plans of moving, or you know you may be selling in the future, a home windows cleaning can do a lot for the resale value and your view.  However, they don’t do much to help your utility costs. 

 A home windows replacement job can give you a clean and clear view of the beautiful Peach State, help reduce your cooling and heating expenses, and a value-add if you do decide to sell. Of course, window replacements are a major upgrade and expense, so there are many concerns and questions, like, what is the average cost to replace windows in a home?

There are many factors that will determine the cost of window replacement. Some of the key factors are: 

  • The type of windows 
  • The style of windows
  • The size of the windows 
  • How many windows 

A general price range for basic window replacement can cost between $200 per window up to $500 per window. The factors listed above, and others can affect that price range. Like the window frame material, with wood and vinyl being the more common choices. 

Wooden window replacement gives your home that timeless appeal popular in the older homes in Georgia.  They typically start around $150 and can cost as much as $675, dependent on the size and style of window. For the modern homes in Georgia, vinyl is a popular choice, but the pricing is higher, starting around $400 per window and going up to $800 per window. The double-hung window style can cost double compared to the fixed window style.

What are the different types of windows?

A window is a window, right? Absolutely not!  Before you start shopping for window replacements, learn what the options are, and you may decide to change up the complete style of your home: 

1. Single or Double Hung Window Replacement

A double hung window will lower and raise from the top and the bottom and with single hung windows, only the bottom moves up and down. A window air conditioning unit can be installed in either double or single hung windows, the double hung windows provides a way to get extra ventilation from the top sash. Both can be tilted out for cleaning. 

2. Sliding Window Replacement

A sliding window is installed on a track that slides horizontally and is standard in a contemporary style home. Today, the options in windows allow these to complement a traditional designed interior, working with a homeowner’s personal and unique.

3. Casement Window Replacement 

Casement windows swing open outward with a crank on either the left or right side. This style of window replacement provides more ventilation than other window types, but you’ll need clearance on the exterior from bushes, shrubs, and trees. 

4. Fixed Window Replacement

Perhaps the beautiful views your home has should be seen through fixed window. Fixed windows will fill your home natural lighting, giving it an airy, spacious feel. While a fixed window can’t be opened, complements with widows do on each side and get the fresh air you desire with the natural light. 

5. Picture Window Replacement 

A picture window is the perfect holiday setting that can display your decorations for street viewing. This type of window doesn’t open for fresh air, but the sunlight pours in, which could make it less energy efficient if it weren’t for the energy efficient options that are available today. 

6. Bay Window Replacement

Like the picture window described above, the bay window doesn’t open, and many homes will have a casement style window replacement installed on each side. A bay window shows off the view and provides an area for seating inside the home to enjoy that view. 

What are the best replacement windows?

Window replacement isn’t a cheap home improvement, that’s a given.  However, window replacements not only will enhance the appearance of a home, but they make the home feel less drafty, softens the outside noises, are easy to clean, and the value add for reselling is sizeable. 

Homeowners today are drawn to the wood-look vinyl window replacements and wood-look composite frames. They window material types that are available today are: 

  • Wood Frame: A solid wood that has aluminum or vinyl exterior covering that protects the wood, reducing maintenance and painting. 
  • Vinyl Frame: The least expensive that will never need painting or staining. They come from the factory only in white, so matching exterior colors should be considered. 
  • Composite Frame: The mid-range window replacement frame choice that comes in either fiberglass or combined materials. Either way, they never need painting or staining and have the appearance of solid wood window replacement with a stable underlying structure.

What brand of Windows are best?

If you are choosing window replacement to update your home’s appearance or energy efficiency, or both, it is a major decision and expense. It only makes sense you want to get the best you can for your budget.  Here are 3 popular brands: 

  • Alside Excalibur: Manufacturers a variety of vinyl window replacement with an optional ClimaTech insulation that includes argon gas and low-emissivity glass. 
  • Andersen Windows: The country’s largest window manufacturer with a proprietary Fibrex composite material line of windows made with 40%  reclaimed wood fibers and 60% thermoplastic polymer. They offer a vast selection of window replacement ranging from single-hung or double-hung, to bay, bow, casement, and picture style windows. Offer custom and specialty-made window replacements too. 
  • JELD-WEN: Extensive array of styles including casement, double-hung, and sliding window replacement, each treated with their AuraLast wood protection process. Along with highly customizable finishes and wide range of  colors, hardware, trims, and exterior options. This manufacturers has standard high-performance Low-E insulating glass on every window replacement and offer  upgrade options in energy efficiency.

Can home windows be tinted?

Absolutely, when you can’t afford new window replacement and you’re looking for ways to make your current windows more energy efficient, tinting your windows is the way to go.  Having it professionally done will give you warranty, but you can do it yourself, just follow the instructions. After they are tinted, you’ll have a clear view and cleaning them is just the same process. 

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Will home insurance replace windows?

Every homeowner’s insurance policy will vary, but typically, window replacement is paid for when you have broken windows from fire, hail, theft, vandalism, or wind. Paying for your window replacement for appearance and energy efficiency purpose is not going to be covered by homeowner’s insurance.  However, there are text credits out there and the window replacement contractor you choose to work with should be able to supply you with that information or visit the IRS website. 

In another dimension, imagine a house without windows. Or a house built of all windows. Either way would be a nightmare of sorts!  Instead, review the options of window replacement for what you currently have and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency! Call 478-785-2285 today for your new window installation in Macon & Augusta, GA.