Are Roofs Covered By Insurance?

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Basic Info. Regarding Damaged Roofs

Your residential or commercial roof can undergo many differing damages over time. Depending on the region where you live you may experience severe inclement weather conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, heavy rain, high winds, hail and more which can wreak havoc to your roofing system. You may experience punctures in your roof, fire damages, leaks, blown materials, dents, dings, water damages, torn areas and more! While most cases may involve simple repairs, large problems such as mold, rotted wood or other instances of severe roofing aggravations will compromise the integrity of your roofing system and require full-scale replacements. In order to properly gauge the extent of damages on your roof, it’s important to contact your insurance company to file a roof insurance claim as well as contact a professional roofer for assistance. Only with a professional roofer will you be able to determine if damages have affected other areas of your home as is seen with severe damages that can affect your standard HVAC or energy efficient HVAC system. A roof inspection will not only inform you of what needs to be done to get your roofing system back on track but it will support your roof insurance claim when your insurance company requires evidence. In order to better understand the process of working towards a  roof insurance claim here is some helpful information to guide you through your next steps.

Does insurance pay for new roof?

Depending on the policy that you hold certain damages may be covered with your new roof. Whether you need to file an insurance claim for roof replacement or repairs the cost is typically covered with most insurances when it was due to unnatural circumstances such as inclement weather. Things to consider that can affect the cost is the region where you live, the age of your roof, roofing materials and the roofing company you go with.

Is a leaky roof covered by homeowners insurance?

A leaking roof will be covered by homeowners insurance only if the cause of the leak was due to inclement weather. This can be found under an all-perils policy with homeowners insurance. Certain factors that can affect this is the age of your roof and if damages were incurred unexpectedly or over a long period of time. Certain policies will cover a leak even after a year has passed yet this is all subject to your particular roof insurance company and policy.

How does roof insurance claim work?

A roof insurance claim will involve contacting both your insurance provider and a professional roofing company. It’s essential to contact your insurance first to see what’s covered under your policy. They may even ask that you connect with a qualified roofing company for a professional roof inspection and in most cases require pictures of damages to support your claim. Most roofing companies offer the service of taking pictures with their inspections. Others may even offer insurance assistance with working on your claim or speaking with insurance companies following repairs on your behalf. This is all subject to change in accordance with your local residential roofing or commercial roofing company.

Insured House Under Protection During Natural Calamities

How To File A Roof Insurance Claim

  • Contact your insurance provider/agent to find out what’s covered.
  • Make a claim.
  • Find a good roofing contractor.
  • Get a professional to inspect your roof for damages.
  • Take pictures.
  • Send both of the above to your insurance to support your claim.
  • Start of repairs/replacements.

Should I file a claim for roof damage?

If there is damage to your roof it would be a good idea to make sure that you may get it covered by your insurance by making a roof insurance claim. Depending on your policy you won’t have to pay as much out of pocket than you would if you didn’t get in contact with your roofing insurance provider.

Should I call insurance or roofer first?

In order to make sure that your roof is being handled with care it’s recommended to contact your insurance provider first. If you go with a roofing company first you might make repairs that aren’t covered with your policy and your insurance would deny your roof insurance claim. You can avoid being stuck with the bill by making sure you’re aware of the specifics of your policy.

How do I claim roof damage on insurance?

An insurance claim for roof damage can be made by contacting your insurance company and getting connected with an agent in the claims department. Here you will be guided as to what your particular insurance policy will and will not cover as far as roof insurance claim damages. You may then be able to make a claim and begin making repairs with a qualified roofing company.

Contact A Professional

When in doubt be sure to contact your insurance provider to know the specifics regarding your policy and what can be done to get your roof back to good conditions. Getting in touch with a professional roofer after filing your roof insurance claim can be of great help in determining damages and the best cost-effective solutions for your roof! As with anything involving legal matters be sure to keep a copy of everything for your own personal records. Whenever you require assistance with a roof insurance claim benefit from the assistance of a professional!

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