Are You Ready For Winter?


Snow On Roof

Snow Is Heavy, Can Your Roof Handle It?

Winter is right around the corner and it is always better to be prepared ahead of time rather than waiting until something happens to your roof and you have to scramble to get it fixed. One of those ways is to make sure that you get a roof inspection done once a year. Once you have that done, you will be able to ask the inspector what is wrong and see if there is anything that you can change or make yourself better prepared for the upcoming weather that may be upon you. Another way to get your home ready for the cold season ahead is to look into radiant floor heating services to keep your feet from freezing. When you get an inspection done, these are the things that we will be looking for.

What An Inspection Checks

Mold – Some roofs are more prone to mold. For example, wood shake roofing is more often likely to get mold than something like slate.

Repairs – Roof repairs are really what we are making sure that we look for. If there are shingles that have lifted or even fallen off, we want to get those repaired to avoid things like water damage or early roof replacement from happening.

Gutters – People often forget about their gutters and their importance. These need to be checked as well to make sure that training is being done properly.

Overall roof health – Overall, we want to make sure that your roof looks good and that it is ready for another year of wear and tear. If we don’t think it is, we will let you know and tell you what we would recommend.

If you want to get your roof ready for winter in Macon & Augusta, GA, call us at 478-785-2285 and let’s see what we can do for you.