The Benefits of Clean Gutters

Clean Gutters

To Maintain Clean Gutters, Clean Them on a Regular Basis.

Water represents one of the most destructive elements in regards to your home. Your gutters protect your home and roof from the dangers of excessive rainfall. In order to function properly, gutters require frequent cleaning. Leaves and other debris will collect after rainfall to clog the gutters and obstruct their function. If you need more convincing about the benefits of clean gutters, consider the following areas.

Protected Foundation

A clean gutter system can better protect your foundation. As water overflows from clogged gutters, it will collect around the foundation. In the winter months, this water will freeze and encourage the development of cracks. Water can then seep into these cracks to fill your basement.

Attractive Fascia

Fascia, the wood directly beneath your gutters that hides your rafters, becomes vulnerable with clogged gutters. Overflowing water will run across these wood boards to cause rot and other damage over time. As your fascia decays, it presents an unpleasant view of your home.

Fewer Concrete Cracks

Any concrete areas around your home can also suffer the effects of water run-off. Water that pools on your patios, sidewalks, porches, or steps will cause avoidable cracks. It can also cause concrete driveways to sag, a consequence that will require professional concrete lifting to repair.

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