Can Gutters be Repaired?

Damaged Gutters in Need of Repair.

Can gutters be repaired?

If you’ve noticed your gutters are leaking or sagging away from your roof, the damage needs to be fixed. So, yes, depending on the severity of the damage, gutter repair is possible. If your gutters aren’t repaired or replaced you can risk damaging your siding, your roof, and your foundation, and that damage can cost thousands.

If your gutters are damaged in some way or you need new gutters, for professional gutter repair and installation in Macon & Augusta, GA, count on the team at Crosby Roofing. We offer a full range of gutter and roofing services throughout the area. Schedule services with us by calling 478-785-2285.

How do you repair damaged gutters?

Depending on the severity of the damage, there are some repairs such as repairing holes you can make yourself. Here are some basic gutter repair options you can easily do.

  • Patch holes: After clearing away debris, spread roofing cement around the hole, and then take a metal patch and press it down over the cement. The metal patch should be slightly larger than the hole, and be made of the same metal as the gutter.
  • Fix leaking corner joint: First, let the gutters dry out and clear out debris. Follow up and patch small holes with roofing cement before applying silicone or gutter caulking along the seams both inside and outside.
  • Secure a sagging gutter: If your gutter has pulled away from your roof, you’ll need to replace the large spike that’s pulled free from the roof. It’s best to replace the spike with something that will secure to the roof better such as gutter screws. These screws are 7 inches long and are easy to install and fasten sturdily.

Why are my gutters leaking?

Gutters leak for a variety of reasons. One common cause of leaks are clogs. As gutters fill up with debris, excess water will begin to overflow and the gutter will leak. Clogs and standing water can also cause the gutter to sag and pull away from the home. If a gutter pulls away from your home, it may appear to be leaking because water will run between the roof and gutter. 

If your gutter was improperly installed with too steep of a slope or begins to sag, leaks can occur. A steep slope will cause water to pool instead of drain properly. In time the standing water can cause corrosion or rust that creates leaks. Additionally, the older the gutters are the more likely leaks will develop, especially as the sealant that holds sections together begin to deteriorate. In any of these cases gutter repair will be necessary.

Gutter repair and cleaning

While gutters can get damaged in a variety of ways, keeping your gutters clean can often save you in unnecessary repairs. If your gutters are regularly cleared of leaves, sticks and other debris, you are more likely to avoid problems like sags and even leaks. When debris clogs up a gutter it can weigh the gutter down, and eventually cause it to pull away from the house. A sagging gutter results. Sags increase the chance of further damage like leaks, or even collapse. 

How frequently you clean your gutters often depends on how many trees are in the area, because leaves and sticks are the primary materials that clutters gutters. If you have a lot of trees around, you should probably clean your gutters at least twice per year. If you clean your gutters just once per year, it’s best to do so in the fall once the heaviest concentration of leaves have fallen. 

Good maintenance is important throughout your home from your roof to your plumbing. Make sure repairs, including plumbing leak repair, are taken care of quickly.

Who does gutter repair

While some gutter repairs like patching holes may be a do-it-yourself job, you may want to turn to a professional like those at Crosby Roofing to manage serious gutter repair issues. While there are companies that specialize in gutter repair, many roofing services also provide gutter services. If you have serious gutter problems, give our team a call at 478-785-2285.

How much does it cost to repair a gutter?

Costs to repair a gutter will vary depending on the seriousness of the damage. You can expect to pay anywhere between $75 to $230. Affecting the cost is the length of the gutters, the cost of parts, the height of the building, as well as the amount of labor required. Repairs can range from clogs to sags to dents to leaks.

When should you replace gutters?

When making a choice between gutter repair or replacement you should consider various factors. While you may have a few holes opening up from time to time, if your gutters have multiple holes, cracks, or rust spots and corrosion, replacement is probably a better option. You may also want to consider replacing your gutters if you have several fasteners breaking loose at one time. A few fasteners can be repaired fairly easily, but the gutters themselves may be the problem if you are having to repair the fasteners often. If you’re seeing a lot of nails or screws on the ground and you’re replacing them frequently your gutters may be wearing out and need to be replaced.

Gutters that are beginning to separate at the seams frequently, it’s a good indication they are wearing and in need of replacement. Frequently needing to repair sagging gutters is usually a good sign it’s time to replace your gutters. In this case, it may be the fascia boards that are rotting, and you can fix your fascia and replace you gutters at the same time. Problems with eroding landscaping or flooded basements, your gutters may be the problem. They may need to be replaced.

Leaves Get Removed From Gutter.

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Whether the problems are simple or complex, when it comes to gutter repair in Macon & Augusta, GA, you can count on the team at Crosby Roofing. We offer a full range of services. Find out how we can help you by calling 478-785-2285.