How Do I Know if My Roof Has Storm Damage?

Storm seasons are quickly coming upon us.

Whether you are a brand-new homeowner or a long-time owner, it’s important to know how to identify damage and what to do about it. On average, the most common homeowner claim has to do with property damage, specifically due to bad weather. And in Georgia and South Carolina, we are no stranger to bad weather. Once you know what has caused any amount of damage to your home, you want contact the right people to help you repair your home. Crosby Roofing has the knowledge and expertise to help you with any storm damage roof repair in Georgia.

What To Look For

Hail and wind damage are serious issues that you want to address quickly. After a storm, if you think your roof has any amount of hail damage, the most important step is to schedule an inspection. Before you do call someone, you can do your own assessment. A licensed inspector will be able to tell you the extent of the damage, but if you are okay to get up on your roof, you can do a general review of everything to get an understanding of the issue.

Does my roof have hail damage?

  • Check gutters and gutter screens: an easy indicator of storm damage can be seen in the gutters and gutter screens. Dents, bowing or missing parts of the gutter are evidence of hail or wind damage.
  • Look for missing/damaged shingles: if you can’t get on the roof, you can still stand back and look at your roof overall to see if there are bald spots or missing shingles.
  • Check soffits/fascia/ridge vents: Soffits/fascia, the exterior lining around windows, can indicate hail damage if they are dented or pock-marked.
  • Check the chimney: if your chimney is leaning or appears to be missing a section, your roof might also be damaged from high winds.

It is difficult to determine damage, if any, from a cursory examination. That’s why after a storm, it’s important to have someone come out to perform a storm damage assessment to really determine the extent of the damage. Failure to do so can lead to further damage such mold, rot and leaks to the interior of your home. Crosby Roofing offers free roof inspections as well excellent storm damage repairs. Our representatives are licensed inspectors and are ready to provide efficient and quality service.

Is This Covered by Insurance?

Most homeowners have many questions in regards to storm damage and insurance claims. If an inspection determines there is hail or wind damage, it is always recommended to contact your insurance provider to file a claim. In general, most home insurance policies contain something called wind and hail coverage. With the inspection you already have done, your insurance can also review the damage and provide the funds to repair your roof. You would be subject to a set deductible, but instead of pay thousands of dollars out of pocket, you may only be responsible for somewhere between $500 and $1,000. This covers you in the event a covered peril causes damage to your home, such as:

  • Trees or tree limbs falling on roof
  • Other objects falling on/through roof
  • Wind and/or hail
  • The weight of ice, snow, or sleet
  • Vandalism

The important thing to stress here is that wind and hail are sudden and accidental. They are incidents that could not have been predicted and homeowners will typically see insurance companies pay out for things like hail storm roof damage repair. On the flip side, natural wear and tear, and just general aging, are not covered by insurance because it is neither sudden or accidental. Insurance companies look at that as a responsibility of the homeowner to maintain their roof as they own the home, just you would need to maintain something like a garbage disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is storm damage?

Storm damage is anything that has happened to your home due to extreme storm and weather conditions.

Is wind damage to roof covered by insurance?

Most home insurance policies will have wind and hail coverage with a deductible around $1,000, but always contact your insurance provider for further details. In general, any storm damage to roof is covered by insurance.  

Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

Leaking roofs are covered if they are caused by a covered peril, such as wind or hail.

What does hail damage look like on roof?

Typically, it takes a piece of hail 1” in diameter or larger to cause any type of damage on asphalt shingles. Look for dents or holes that are about the size of a quarter or a golf ball.

No matter what your questions are, if you need any more information in regards to storm damage roof repairs in Georgia, then call Crosby Roofing at 478-785-2285.