How to Clean Your Metal Roof

Are you considering a steel or aluminum roof for your home? You probably already know how little maintenance metal roofing requires. While metal is durable against the elements, you can help extend its lifetime with an occasional touch up. Here are a few tips on how to clean your metal roof.

When to Clean It


A Roof in the Fall

A Little Maintenance Can Keep Your Metal Roof Clean and Shiny!

The toughest seasons for your roof are winter and summer. So take an hour during the spring and fall to do a little cleaning. It won’t be hard. All you need is a ladder, a trash bag, some cleaner (Formula 409 or a similar solution works fine), a cloth or sponge, and a pair of keen eyes.

Starting Off

Take those eagle eyes of yours (or a pair of binoculars) and do a short walk around the house. You’ll be on the lookout for twigs, nicks and scratches, smudges, and loose screws. After your brief stroll, you can start your cleanup by filling your trash bag with any leaves and twigs you find on the roof and in the gutter. This prevents unnecessary corrosion and scratches on the metal. With that cloth and cleaner you selected, gently wipe away any dirt or grease smudges on the roof. Finally, you can take a hose to the roof for a gentle rinse.

Tougher Spots

Now you can look for and carefully remove any metal chips lodged in the paint. For nicks and scratches, a little touch up painting may be required. Make sure to use a paint that has been approved by the roofing manufacturer. Using a brush (not a sprayer), you can take care of these touch ups in no time. If you do find an unusual number of nicks in the roof coating, make sure your trees have been trimmed enough to prevent unnecessary scratches.

There you go! Performing these simple maintenance steps every spring and fall will keep your roof clean and shiny for many years to come! For more information on metal roofing in Macon & Augusta, GA, call us at 478-785-2285.