Shingle Roof Benefits

Shingle Roof InstallationFor homeowners looking for quality roof installation, Crosby Roofing is a perfect match. We offer residential roofing services to homeowners in Macon, GA. While we offer a variety of roof materials, the most popular choice is shingle roofs. Versatility and design make these roofs a very attractive option to families. Shingle roof benefits include:


Not all roofs should be designed the same. If you are looking for a custom roof solution, shingle is the way to go. Shingle roofing can adapt to a variety of different slopes and angles, giving homeowners the necessary versatility to meet both their aesthetic and practical needs.

Color Versatility

Every homeowner likes to have an attractive curb appeal. But it can be difficult matching your roof within the context of your home decor. Shingle roofs don’t have that problem because they are available in a ridiculous amount of colors. Homeowners looking for flexibility should absolutely consider shingle roofing.

Cost Efficiency

It almost seems too good to be true. The roofing type that comes in the widest range of colors, and can be adapted to the most customized slopes, is also extremely cost efficient for families and homeowners. Because of its ease of installation, and low maintenance, shingle roofing ends up being a very cost efficient long term investment.


All the advantages wouldn’t mean much without durability. Luckily, shingle roofs are extremely durable. In fact, these roofs are known to withstand strong winds and thunder storms. In addition, they are Class A fire rated which provides homeowners with some protection against a spreading fire. If you are in the market for shingle roof installation in Canton, GA, call us at 478-785-2285