Time to Replace That Old Roof

old roof

An old roof can create any number of problems for your home.

As with all components of a house, roofs will eventually need replacement. Even without a major failure, an old roof can simply reach the end of its life. If you consider all the wear that roofs persist through — summer heat, winter storms, high winds — it’s amazing they last as long as they do.

If you have an old roof in Macon, GA, keep your eyes peeled for a few signs. If your roof needs replacement, you shouldn’t hesitate to call Crosby Roofing and Seamless Gutters at 478-785-2285. As wear continues on an old roof, you can expect greater problems to arise with your house.

Look For These Indicators

Several signs can indicate that your old roof has had enough. Maintain proper vigilance, and you can spare yourself any amount of damage as the roof deteriorates further.

Simple Age

If your shingle roof has survived for 25 to 30 years, then you’ve certainly gotten your money’s worth. This period of time generally marks the end of a roof’s lifespan. As a preventative measure, you could always take the opportunity to get it replaced.

Curled or Missing Shingles

Damage to the shingles serves as the common indicator that an old roof needs replacement. As shingles disappear or curl around the edges, your house becomes vulnerable to the elements. Granules that appear in your rain gutters also indicate aged, worn shingles.

Moss and Algae

As a roof ages, it becomes susceptible to growth of moss and algae. Algae appears as dark streaks on the roof, while moss announces itself in various shades of green. Moss, in particular, can cause further damage to a roof from the moisture it traps.

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