What is a standing seam metal roof?

standing seam commercial roof

Durable metal roofing

If you are considering a standing seam metal roof for your commercial building, you probably have some questions, like will your insurance be cheaper and what gauge metal roof is best? As you probably know already, gauge is reference to the metal panel’s thickness, with the majority of standing seam metal roofs measuring between 20 gauge and 29 gauge.  The smaller the number, the thicker the gauge. 

So, which is better for a commercial structure, 26 gauge or 29 gauge? Both are standard for commercial structures,  and while the 29-gauge standing seam metal roof covering is typically the less expensive, many building owners will go with that to keep their budget in line. Before making that decision though, the following things should be considered: 

  • Durability: Both 26 and 29 gauge metals are durable, fire resistant, minimal maintenance, and provide corrosion protection. However, the higher gauge for a standing seam metal roof is recommended because it is a thicker and stronger metal. The 26 gauge will hold up better in hail, high winds, and any other weather elements like ice and snow. 
  • Appearance: The appearance between 26 gauge and 29 gauge isn’t noticeable, but it can make a difference with the aesthetics. Any error with the installation of a standing seam metal roof, such as over-tightened screw that create bumps is possible, what is known as oil canning. This can lead to ponding water and leaks. 
  • Cost: Yes, the thicker the panel for standing seam metal roofing, the more expensive, as much as 15 percent more between 26-gauge and 29-gaugeHowever, going forward, factor in repair and possible replacement costs, the thicker gauge will need less repairs and have a longer lifespan. 

What are the advantages of a metal roof?

A standing seam metal roof should be considered a logical investment for any commercial building. It provides a high level of protection of the assets during the structure’s lifetime, making a popular choice for  not only commercial structures, but public buildings, and schools. There are many advantages that support this choice: 


A standing seam metal roof will provide over three times the lifespan that other commercial roofing materials, up to 50 years or more. With low maintenance, a key factor for a business and with minimal need for repair as it can handle any weather element, including high, strong winds, intense heat and UV rays, hail and hard rains, ice, and snow.


A  standing seam metal roof reflects the sun’s UV rays  which keeps the building’s interior cool even during hottest part of the day. This eases the workload on the air conditioning, which eases the power usage and saves energy use and money.


Standing seam metal roof is non-combustible and keeps fires from spreading, which protects the structure’s assets. 


Standing seam metal roofs are relatively lightweight in comparison to other roofing material options at 50 to 150  pounds per square. This is less strain for the structure. This makes it easier for the roofing contractor to install, making the job faster, requires less labor, all adding to less expense for installing, including proper installation of metal roof brackets and metal roof flashing.


Although Standing seam metal roofs costs can be higher initially, the ROI will cover that expense with their durability and long lifespan. Other commercial roofing will be replaced two to three times during the lifespan of a standing seam metal roof. With minimal maintenance and roof-repair costs, this has become a popular choice for commercial building owners. 

Can you walk on a standing seam metal roof?

Standing seam metal roofs are the safest metal roofing to walk on because of its durability and strength. There isn’t a specific spot to walk on, making it easier for any repair contractor like electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc., as long as they have proper shoes. Any metal roofing is slippery, especially when wet, and appropriate footwear is a soft-soled shoe to keep the person safe and keep from damaging the roof itself.

Standing seam metal roofing system

Does a metal roof affect insurance?

Yes, and in a good way.  Insurers always consider the type of roofing material when determining the cost to insure a commercial structure.  A standing seam metal roof is known to have a better performance record against fire and weather elements and therefore, the insurance will cost less due to less possibility of filing claims. One exception will be metal roof with skylights, because of the possibility of damage to the skylight will cost a bit more to insure.

What is the best color for a metal roof? Choosing the color for your standing seam metal roof today will give you design flexibility because of the wide variety of colors and finishes available today. Certain factors that can affect your choices are the building style and the surroundings. 

The color of a standing seam metal roof  should complement the building’s style and match the doors, siding, and windows as well as the landscape. The colors should create a contrasting balance  between the roof and the building.

The color choice should include an energy efficiency too, with choices between dark colors and light colors. Beige, light bronze, and white offer better reflection of the sun’s UV rays and heat. A metal roof without sheathing and insulation however will minimize energy efficiency. Call 478-785-2285 today for standing seam metal roofing installation in Macon & Augusta, GA.