When Should You Inspect a Roof?

A Roofer Climbs A Ladder to Inspect Roof.

When should you inspect a roof?

When heavy storms pass through, especially those with hail or high winds, people often want to get their roofs inspected for damage. A roof inspection following a severe storm or similar event is always a good idea, but roof inspections should be a part of your regular home maintenance plan. Ideally, you’ll have the roof checked out at least twice per year. A regular inspection can identify problems before they become serious and expensive. It’s always much more cost-effective to make minor repairs after an inspection, rather than neglecting maintenance and getting caught with major expenses later on. Whether you’re worried about damage following a storm or just need regular maintenance, you can get a free roof inspection in Macon & Augusta, GA from the experts at Crosby Roofing. Give us a call at 478-785-2285.

Why get a roof inspection?

Outside of severe damage following a storm, high winds, or similar event, you rarely can tell when your roof has problems by just glancing at it from the ground. There are several reasons why you need to get a roof inspection:

  • To check for problems like missing or damaged shingles, moss growth, leaks, or sags when buying a home
  • To see if any damage is covered by warranties
  • To check for any defects caused by aging and weathering to plan for maintenance and repair
  • To discover any damage caused by storms
  • To check for any leaks
  • To look for minor damage that could lead to major repairs if not taken care of soon
  • To make sure your roof is draining properly

How do you perform a roof inspection?

When you have a roofing professional come out for an inspection, you may want to know, “What do roof inspectors look for?” Overall an inspection assesses your roof’s condition and the inspector will check:

  • The roof covering materials including shingles, flashing, fasteners, and underlayment
  • The sheathing and nail penetration into it
  • Ice barriers and drip edges
  • The roof’s slope for signs of sagging

The inspector is looking for any signs of damage or wear and for specific problems like leaks. An inspection will determine what repairs, if any, need to be made or whether the roof needs to be replaced.

How long does roof inspection take?

The time it takes to complete a roof inspection will vary. On average, an inspection should take at least 45 minutes for your typical one-story home. Some inspections can take several hours, depending on the size of the roof, the type of roof, and what issues are discovered. 

Roof inspection for insurance

Because roofs lose value over time, insurers have to inspect older roofs to assess their value so they can determine how much your insurance policy will cost and what it will cover. This assessment is mandatory for older homes so the insurance company can insure the home. Inspections must be done by a certified roof inspector like those at Crosby Roofing. Once the roof is inspected, a written report is provided to the homeowner, who, in turn, provides the report to the insurance company so they can make their determination of costs or even whether the roof is worth insuring or not.

When your roof is damaged by an outside event like a storm, you also want to get your roof inspected before you file an insurance claim. An inspection report from a certified roofer can help you get the full benefit of your claim. Having your roof inspected before filing a claim is also good because if the repair costs aren’t going to exceed your deductible, it’s best not to file a claim. The claim will likely be rejected and it could affect your insurance rates in the future or even keep you from being insured if you’ve filed several claims in a short time.

How do you know if you have roof damage?

If you have a hole in your roof caused by a tree limb falling on it, the damage is obvious. But most damage to your roof doesn’t announce itself so loudly. Even problems like leaks aren’t always obvious. Leaks are a major problem to look out for. Sometimes the only way you can definitely tell if you have a leak is to check for drips in the attic when it rains. How do you check for roof leaks? If you don’t spot anything dripping from your attic, you might still notice moisture building up where it shouldn’t be. Again, it’s easier to find moisture build-up when it’s raining and you can look for sure signs such as puddles, but, unfortunately, one of the surest signs of moisture is mold or mildew growth. Anywhere there’s moisture, mold or mildew is sure to follow. 

You might also discover dark stains on your walls and ceilings that indicate the possibility of a roof leak. Of course, such stains could be caused by plumbing leaks, so the best way to make certain is with a roof inspection. Long-term water damage to your roof will cause it to sag. Sags are dangerous given the structure of the roof itself may be rotting and unable to support the roof for long. A sagging roof needs to be repaired as soon as it’s discovered to prevent it from collapsing.

An Inspector Walks Across a Roof.

Who can do a roof inspection?

If your roof has been damaged in a storm or you want to get ahead of the maintenance game with a roof inspection in Macon & Augusta, GA, look to the professionals at Crosby Roofing. Our inspectors are certified and our inspections are thorough and free. Find out more or schedule us by calling 478-785-2285.