How Does Attic Ventilation Work?

Attic Ventilation

Make Sure That Your Roof Is Vented.

Having a ventilation system on your roof is so important to keep your roof healthy and working the way it was designed to. An attic without ventilation can develop issues inside of it like mold and even larger amounts of heat build-up than there should be. In any roofing system, there should be proper ventilation installed. Making sure that a professional roofing company installs your roof is crucial so that you don’t end up with attic ventilation issues. Are you wondering if you need attic ventilation with metal roof? The answer here, is yes. Every roof with an attic should have proper ventilation or it can develop a whole ton of issues. We will go over the benefits of have proper roof ventilation and then answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this. This will give you an idea of where to start and what kinds of questions to ask your roofing contractor when they are working on your roof. It is important to find a licensed contractor to do your work for you so that if there are any problems down the line, the company will likely be able to fix them for you with no problems.

Attic Ventilation Benefits

Energy – We are always looking for ways to cut corners with our energy bills and save money where we can. This means that proper air ventilation is needed. In the summertime, when the heat rises outside, we use our air conditioners to cool the house down. When we do this, we need a place for the hot air to escape to as the cool air fills the home. This is where your ventilation system comes into play. Once the hot air has somewhere to escape to, your A/C will not have to work as hard. This will in turn, lower your air conditioner costs.

Longer Roof Life – When it is freezing outside and it snows, you may start to see that there are icicles on your roof. The reason for this is because when snow lands on your roof, the heat from the attic (if it is unvented) will start to melt the snow and it will slide to the end of the roof. Once it is there, it will start to refreeze, hence, icicles. If your roof has the proper ventilation, the snow attic will not be as hot because the air will be able to escape and not build up, allowing the snow to sit on the roof and melt naturally, avoiding icicles from forming. Although they may be pretty, they can cause unnecessary weight to be added to the edge of your roof and can cause a lot of damage over time. When you have the right ventilation, it will take the stress off your roof and will actually cause it to last longer than ever before. This is important for metal roofing as well as it can get very hot.

Lower Your Indoor Temperature – When you have no attic ventilation, the heat in your home will rise. If it has nowhere to go, it will go upstairs and it will make your upstairs much hotter. This is important because we have all been to a house that you walk upstairs and it is so much hotter up there than downstairs. If the ventilation system was working properly, this would not be happening. If you are having fixture installation done, you can consider having the plumber check out your ventilation system as well to make sure that everything is working correctly.


Attic Ventilation

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How much ventilation is needed in an attic?

This is something your roofing professional will be able to measure and tell you, but a general rule that you can follow, would be that you need 1 square foot of area for a vent, for each 150 square feet of space in the attic.

How important is attic ventilation?

Attic ventilation is very important because it will be the way that what will be able to escape out from your home and not cause issues with your attic or the roof itself.

What is the purpose of attic ventilation?

The purpose of attic ventilation is so that heat can leave the attic when the air conditioner turns on and is trying to circulate cold air around the house. When it is cold outside, the ventilation system will work by maintaining the cold temperature so that ice will not melt on the roof and create ice dams.

Are ridge vents better?

Ridge vents are great because they are effective when installed at the peak of the roof. This lets warm air escape from the attic and circulate the air more properly.

Can you over vent an attic?

Just like with most things, you can overdo it when it comes to adding vents to your oof. The best thing you can do is to not mismatch the different kinds of vents that you have on your roof; keep them all the same.

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