Roof Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Roof Repair in The Southeast

Roof Storm Damage Restoration

In mere minutes, a storm or natural disaster could bring serious roof damage to your home. Time is of the essence to avoid water damage and permanent harm to the structure of the house. When you can’t afford to wait for emergency tarping and roof restoration, you need the professionals at Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters. Pick up the phone and contact us today for experienced, compassionate assistance from a reliable roofing services provider. As roof restoration experts, we are proud to be the top choice for roof contracting in the southeast. We offer everything you need to get your home back to normal, including roof repair, emergency tarping, and more.

Navigating Your Insurance Claim

Homeowners’ insurance claims are one way to offset the costs associated with roof restoration, but every company has its own set of rules and standards. We have years of experience working with insurance adjusters and claims departments, and we can provide you with roof inspections in the aftermath of a storm or natural disaster. A professional examination from Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters can be used throughout your claims process.

Hail Damage Restoration

Hail damage is a common type of roof damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, and other storms. Because of the weight, size, and velocity of hail on a roof, you might be shocked to see how much damage can be done from only a few minutes of severe hail. Some of the most common types of hail damage that require roof restoration include:

  • Loss of granules, or shingles that are missing all or some of the granule coating
  • Damaged or exposed fiberglass mat, which can occur when shingles are cracked or missing and the mat underneath is exposed to hail and the elements
  • Loose or weakened seal underneath shingles due to the impact of heavy winds or hail
  • Cracked or missing shingles from the impact of hail
  • Dented gutters from the weight and shape of hail hitting your metal gutters

Emergency Tarping

Storms don’t always happen during business hours, but you can’t always waste time waiting for Monday morning at 9 AM to secure your property. At Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters, we are here to support you around the clock to protect your roof with a quick response. Our emergency roof tarping services are a temporary solution to help prevent additional damage, stop water from seeping into the home, and keep animals and debris out of your property.

Effects of Storm Damage on Your Roof

In the Southeast, we can experience a variety of severe weather — including high winds, driving rain, lightning and hail, tropical storms, and tornadoes. These unpredictable weather conditions challenge your roofing system. The roof takes a beating from harsh winds and driving rains. If your roof has sustained damage due to harsh weather conditions, Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters can help. Our years of experience with insurance companies allow us to provide you with helpful advice on filing a successful claim. The sooner you contact us, the better your chances of maximizing your insurance coverage.

Leaks in your roof and other damage caused by wind and hail are too serious to ignore. Both leaking roofs and damaged shingles can lead to electrical issues, mold growth, and structural damage. If a storm has passed, contact us immediately to assess any damage and repair it before further damage occurs. Keep in mind that the cost of the repair can be much less, and the process less painless if you are swift to address issues from storm damage.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you might be better off with a roof replacement or a new roof. We will thoroughly examine the current condition of your roof and suggest the best options that suit your budget and needs. As the leading commercial and residential roofer in the southeast, our well-versed crew is ready to service or replace your roof with expert precision. If you are uncertain if your roof has sustained damage, leave it to the experts. Contact our team for a free roof inspection today.

Weather the Next Storm with Crosby Roofing!

If you have a problem with your roof, it’s time to call Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters for the ultimate storm damage roof repair in town. Since 1989, we have perfected our expert craftsmanship and experience that will have you back under your newly restored roof in no time. Whether you require repair or replacement, our experts have the knowledge, experience, and skill to restore your roof to its pre-storm condition or upgrade it with the latest material and technology for today’s greatest home protection.

For a free, no-obligation inspection on storm damage roof restoration, call us today!