How Do You Maintain a Roof?

An Inspector Makes an Estimate in a Roof Inspection

Most Families Wait Till an Emergency to Schedule Inspections, But Smart Homeowners Plan Ahead.

How you ever struggled with effectively caring for your roof? Not many homeowners understand what all that entails.  Effective craftsmanship and attention to detail are two essential skills that take professional roofers years to master, so you shouldn’t feel frustrated if you don’t automatically know what to do.

How do you maintain a roof in the long run? The most important thing is consistent care, which includes the occasional roof inspection and post-storm repairs. Today, we’ll be talking about the former.

What is a Roof Inspection?

Inspections have a bad reputation. For many, a roof inspection is simply a prelude to exorbitantly expensive repairs. That’s because most homeowners don’t realize how these rooftop examinations are meant to be used.Too many people wait until after a severe storm or extreme age has left their roof in tattered disarray. At that point, a professional inspection will only reveal what you knew in the first place: your roof needs major repairs or even complete replacement.

Roof inspections have a three part process.

  • First: a knowledgeable professional examines the roof to assess its overall health.
  • Second: the expert then outlines any areas of degradation or trauma that could cost you in the future.
  • Third: your roofer then provides you with a plan of action, listing out your most cost-effective options.

In summary, your quality Georgia roof inspection should assess the health of your roofing system, provide you with advanced warning about would-be problematic areas, then give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why Get a Roof Inspection?

Shingles Ripped Off by Heavy Wind

Uplifted Shingles are Vulnerable to Wind & Water Leaks.

A better question to start with would be: “What happens if I never schedule a roof inspection?” We’ll use a hypothetical, but realistic example to answer.

Mr. Williams owns a lovely three bedroom, two bathroom home with a 3-tab shingle roofing system. The roof is brand new, so he decides to put off inspections for the first three years. Before he knows it, five years has passed by. One day, a particularly aggressive thunderstorm passes over his community, unleashing heavy rains and severe winds. He notices some water dripping out of the ceiling, so he puts down buckets and decides to examine his roof the next day.

To Mr. Williams’ dismay, entire patches of shingles had ripped off in the night before. A cursory roof inspection for leaks from a local service informs him of what he’s already realized: his roof has significant storm trauma. It appears (some time ago) raccoons loosened a few shingles to nest in the attic, and these uplifted shingles were easily ripped off by the wind. Now Mr. Williams faces significant roof repairs, potential mold growth in the attic, and even some insulation replacement.

While this particular scenario is made up, this all-too-real story shows the consequences of putting off your roof inspection for too long. These expensive repairs and mold growth were made possible by preexisting damage which could easily have been mended at low cost to the owner. Without the regular checkup to reveal the rooftop degradation, the homeowner was not aware of the potential dangers to his home, nor could he make a plan to prevent the damage.

How Often Should Roofs Be Inspected?

While it’s prudent to schedule a checkup for your roof after major hail and thunderstorms, you really only need to have your roof inspected every one to two yearsHow do professionals come to these figures? These numbers are based on the number of hazards could potentially harm your roofing system and the likelihood that at least one of them will affect your home during a given period. Because more durable systems (such as corrugated metal roofing) have fewer threats capable of damaging them, you the interval is increased to every three to five years.

What a Roof Inspection Entails

A Roofer Makes Small Adjustments to Gutters

A Thorough Assessment Gauges the Health of Your Entire Roofing System, Not Just the Top.

Examining your shingles (or tile, slate, etc.) for damage is just one part of a professional roof checkup. Your roof inspection checklist should include all of the following:

  • Rooftop Assessment
  • Soffit and Vents Analysis
  • Fascia Board Look-Over
  • Attic Examination
  • Gutter System Check
  • Moisture and Leak Checks

Any experienced roofer that knows how to conduct a roof inspection will take a whole health approach for your roofing system. Proper water leak detection in Georgia is just as essential as getting your shingles examined. If your roofer is only looking at the surface of your rooftop, they could be missing important details of your roof’s condition.

Common Problems Prevented by Inspections

Deteriorated shingles aren’t always easy to spot at ground level. Hail and wind damage is often more subtle than many homeowners realize. Even small pock marks could indicate a potential leak beneath the surface. Managing this degradation is important for protecting your rooftop and your attic. Otherwise, you might start to see wood rot and ruined insulation in the attic, or even ceiling stains.

Seemingly minor elements (gutters, fascia boards, soffit, and vents) also play a huge role in your home’s protection and energy efficiency. In time, broken gutters can lead to catastrophic foundation damage. Degraded fascia boards will neither support your gutters, nor keep pests out of the attic. Without your soffit and vents regulating the buildup of heat in your attic, your energy bill will shoot through the roof (pun intended).

When Should I Replace My Roof?

A Closeup of New Roof Shingles

Inspections Help Protect You From Unexpected Repair Costs.

Most shingle roofs are rated for twenty years, though some enhanced shingles can last beyond twenty-five. While some roofs age out of use, millions of homeowners have their system replaced as a result of wind or hail damage. Professionals generally advise that you maintain your existing roof until repairs are no longer cost-effective. That could be fifteen years after installation, or twenty-five depending on materials and your roof’s condition. A certified roofing expert will be able to let you know when roof replacement is your most viable option.

Schedule Your Georgia Roof Inspection Today!

Armed with all this information, you’ll know how to take advantage of your next roof inspection in Georgia! If you’d like to get started with your seasonal roofing checkup, talk with one of our friendly local experts at 478-785-2285!

Are You Ready For Winter?


Snow On Roof

Snow Is Heavy, Can Your Roof Handle It?

Winter is right around the corner and it is always better to be prepared ahead of time rather than waiting until something happens to your roof and you have to scramble to get it fixed. One of those ways is to make sure that you get a roof inspection done once a year. Once you have that done, you will be able to ask the inspector what is wrong and see if there is anything that you can change or make yourself better prepared for the upcoming weather that may be upon you. Another way to get your home ready for the cold season ahead is to look into radiant floor heating services to keep your feet from freezing. When you get an inspection done, these are the things that we will be looking for.

What An Inspection Checks

Mold – Some roofs are more prone to mold. For example, wood shake roofing is more often likely to get mold than something like slate.

Repairs – Roof repairs are really what we are making sure that we look for. If there are shingles that have lifted or even fallen off, we want to get those repaired to avoid things like water damage or early roof replacement from happening.

Gutters – People often forget about their gutters and their importance. These need to be checked as well to make sure that training is being done properly.

Overall roof health – Overall, we want to make sure that your roof looks good and that it is ready for another year of wear and tear. If we don’t think it is, we will let you know and tell you what we would recommend.

If you want to get your roof ready for winter in , GA, call us at 478-785-2285 and let’s see what we can do for you.

Does Your Home Need a Roof Replacement?

Your home’s roofing system was a costly purchase. It’s no wonder why homeowners are resistant to roof replacement. However, not completing a roof replacement when it’s time can lead to costly, time-consuming problems within your home such as water damage, pest infiltration, and much more.

Roof Replacement Options for Your Home

Find Out Whether Your Roof Needs Replacement and What Material is Best.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

In many cases, homeowners are simply unaware that it’s time for a roof replacement. While a few damaged spots may be visible, for the most part, their roofing system looks like it’s fine. However, problems like material damage, underlayment tears or rips, and cracks or separation in seams can lead to costly structural, cosmetic, and secondary damages. Knowing what signs to look for can help you replace your roof before damages get severe.

  • When your residential roofing shingles are more than 15-20 years old, it’s most likely to begin planning a replacement.
  • If your shingles are torn, curled, warped, or otherwise damaged, they may need to be replaced.
  • Spots on your shingles without asphalt can indicate worn material that should be replaced.
  • Areas of widespread damage are difficult to repair and can also indicate the need for replacement.

Replacement Options

Once you have decided that your , GA home is in need of roof replacement, there are many material options to choose from to create the exact look and style you want. Shingles are available in multiple styles and selections, but architectural shingles are the most popularly chosen. Architectural shingles provide a look of dimension and class to any roof without a lot of added cost. Metal solutions are also low-cost options that can last upwards of 50 years with incredibly low maintenance requirements. Tiles and wood shakes are beautiful and sturdy, but are costly solutions and have a stout price tag.

To learn which material will be best for your residential roofing system, call the Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters experts today at 478-785-2285. We can provide the information yo9u need to make the right roof replacement choice for your , GA home.

Why is a Roof Inspection Important?

You have undoubtedly seen advertisements for roof inspections all over town, especially after a bad storm. But are they as important as roofing companies make them out to be? The truth is, a roof inspection is vital to the health and longevity of your roofing system. Luckily, the Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters experts provide free roof inspections throughout the , GA area.

Free Roof Inspection

Whether for a Commercial a Residential Roofing System, Roof Inspections are Imperative to the Life and Durability of Your System.

Material Wear and Tear

Although most roofing systems can last at least 15 years, that doesn’t mean that each individual piece of roofing material will last. Typically, some of the material will need to be repaired or replaced at some point, whether caused by a storm, high winds, or UV damage. A roof inspection will help catch these problems early to prevent extensive repairs.

Sagging and Other Damages

Especially in low-sloped construction, water damage can be a big problem that develops quickly. A small leak in your roof can contribute to material damage, underlayment damage or even structural damages. Professional roofers will inspect your roofing system from bottom to top checking for damage like seam separation, rot, or other water damage indicators to ensure your home is safe and protected.

Critter Doorways

Another problem many homeowners face is the unwelcome habitation of animals, insects, and critters in their attic or roof. Typically, animals enter your home by small openings where the material is either missing or separated. A roofing technician will inspect your system for signs of separation or other entry points to keep your home free from rodents and other house guests.

Keep your home’s roof in top condition with regular roof inspection provided by the Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters technicians. Our experts will provide a complete evaluation of your entire roofing system free of charge so you can rest assured that your home is protected to its fullest. Call us now at 478-785-2285.

Choosing The Right Roof For You

Whether you are choosing a new roof for your commercial or residential home, paying attention to your options and how to narrow down your search is something that needs to be well thought out and paid attention to. Buying a new roof is a major decision and it is not always easy to make the right choice without help and some research. There are a few things that you will need to look at before you go through with signing on the dotted line. Below, we will talk about a few ways that will help to make sure that you make the best roof buying choice.

What To Think About

Photo of roofing contractors


Budget – This is going to be the very first thing you think about. When you sit down and decide that a new roof is what you need, you will have to first figure out how much you are willing to spend on it. While you are deciding this, you must first know that a roof is not something you shouldn’t skimp on. The rule of thumb here is that you get what you pay for. You want to get a good price, but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Longevity – Of course, you want a roof that will last as long as possible, but if you need your roof to stand the test of time, you probably want to think about slate or metal. These kinds of roofs are going to give you over 70 years of protection whereas shingles will give you 20-25. Most of the time that is perfect, but that is what you need t look at to make the best choice.

There are many other things that you will need to pay attention to, but these two will start you off on the right path. If you need help or need a great company to install your new roof for you, call Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters at 478-785-2285.


Spray Foam Insulation: Easy Energy Savings

Spray Foam Insulation in an Attic

Spray Foam Insulation Provides an Effective Air Barrier, Locking in Conditioned Air.

Everyone loves saving money on their energy bills. The problem is, some of the most popular methods of building energy-efficiency cost thousands of dollars in hardware and labor expenses. Instead of looking for a dramatic solution to your personal energy crisis, why not go with a simpler option? All it takes is replacing your old, decrepit cellulose with new spray foam insulation. 

The Gist of Spray Foam

The process of applying foam insulation involves a simple point and shoot method. Once the foam hardens, it forms a barrier to lock in conditioned air and repel outside moisture. This is especially valuable during the summer, when traditional insulation allows heat to seep into your home and force your HVAC system into overdrive. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, some foams “can fill even the smallest cavities, creating an effective air barrier.”

Breaking Tradition

While traditional insulation materials (such as cellulose and fiberglass rolls) provide decent thermal insulation, they must be replaced on a regular basis. These rolls are also vulnerable to degradation from water leaks. Spray foam offers the same flexibility of these old materials, but it provides additional sealing capability against tiny cracks and fissures. In summary, spray foam offers much better thermal performance (commonly known as R-values).

The Bottom Line

Homeowners can grasp significant savings by switching to spray foam insulation. With a fast-application process and long-lasting (sometimes indefinite) performance, you could start seeing immediate savings on your monthly energy bill. Before the next hot summer comes along, see if it’s time to replace your old insulation. For more information on the types of insulation, talk to one of our roofing professionals at 478-785-2285.

How to Clean Your Metal Roof

Are you considering a steel or aluminum roof for your home? You probably already know how little maintenance metal roofing requires. While metal is durable against the elements, you can help extend its lifetime with an occasional touch up. Here are a few tips on how to clean your metal roof.

When to Clean It


A Roof in the Fall

A Little Maintenance Can Keep Your Metal Roof Clean and Shiny!

The toughest seasons for your roof are winter and summer. So take an hour during the spring and fall to do a little cleaning. It won’t be hard. All you need is a ladder, a trash bag, some cleaner (Formula 409 or a similar solution works fine), a cloth or sponge, and a pair of keen eyes.

Starting Off

Take those eagle eyes of yours (or a pair of binoculars) and do a short walk around the house. You’ll be on the lookout for twigs, nicks and scratches, smudges, and loose screws. After your brief stroll, you can start your cleanup by filling your trash bag with any leaves and twigs you find on the roof and in the gutter. This prevents unnecessary corrosion and scratches on the metal. With that cloth and cleaner you selected, gently wipe away any dirt or grease smudges on the roof. Finally, you can take a hose to the roof for a gentle rinse.

Tougher Spots

Now you can look for and carefully remove any metal chips lodged in the paint. For nicks and scratches, a little touch up painting may be required. Make sure to use a paint that has been approved by the roofing manufacturer. Using a brush (not a sprayer), you can take care of these touch ups in no time. If you do find an unusual number of nicks in the roof coating, make sure your trees have been trimmed enough to prevent unnecessary scratches.

There you go! Performing these simple maintenance steps every spring and fall will keep your roof clean and shiny for many years to come! For more information on metal roofing in , GA, call us at 478-785-2285.

Benefits of Proper Attic Insulation

Roofer Applying Attic Insulation

Installing More Insulation in Your Attic Can Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency.

Your attic impacts the climate and temperature of your home more than you might realize. Warm air in your house rises to the attic. If your attic isn’t properly insulated it will go through your roof and lower your home’s internal temperature. In the summer months, this is great, but it can really impact your heating bills in the winter time. If you need someone one to install better attic insulation in your home, the staff at Crosby Roofing & Seamless Gutters is here to help. We provide professional installation of attic insulation to keep your home’s temperature better regulated all year round.

Why Install Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation provides an extra layer of protection for your home, especially during the colder months. Here are three benefits you can expect from installing the proper amount of attic insulation.

Lower Energy Bills
During the winter months, insulation keeps the warm air inside your house rather than letting it go out through the top of the roof. In the summer, it prevents the warm air outside from entering your home. This will lower your heating and cooling costs.

Improved Air Quality in Your Home
Attic insulation keeps hot air from flowing into the house. It also prevents dust and pollen from coming into the attic and being transferred throughout the house. This will lower the amounts of respiratory infections and allergies in your family.

Even Temperatures in the House
Without proper insulation, rooms that are close to the attic can be freezing during the winter and too hot in the summer. By adding insulation, every room in your house will be closer to the same temperature.

If you would like more information about the advantages of adding the right amount of attic insulation to your home, contact our office at 478-785-2285.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Benefits

When it is time to pick a new roof system, it can be hard to pick which option is right for you, especially when it comes to metal roofing. Today we will talk about the benefits of standing seam metal roofing options, which can come in several materials,  but most commonly is available in steel.

Why Choose Steel?

standing seam metal roofing

Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof Right For Your Needs?

Zinc-coated steel roofing materials are certainly a top choice, thanks to how much reliable durability they provide. When a material is coated by zinc, it can stand up to damages from weather with less difficulty, and it will not age as fast. You are unlikely to see any signs of rust or corrosion on galvanized steel option, among other benefits. Last but certainly not least, steel roofing is one of the more cost-effective metal roof materials, which makes it a popular choice for bigger projects.

Why Standing Seam Designs Stand Out

One of the most notable features of standing seam metal roofs is that the panels lock together over the screws which makes them waterproof so that rain, snow, and other elements cannot get through. Standing seam roofs offer plenty of customization options that are sure to help your building stand out, and with a surface that naturally deters UV rays, this roof style is also effective at keeping your house cooler. In turn, this metal roof offers exceptional energy savings during its significant lifespan, which saves you money on expenses, as well as maintenance costs. You might also get other benefits by getting a metal roof, such as tax breaks and reduced insurance rates, due to the lifespan and watertight nature of metal. 

Are you interested in adding a standing seam metal roof? Get started today by calling the professionals at 478-785-2285!

Avoid Roofing Damage in the Winter with These 3 Tips


Roof Damage

Icecicles Are Pretty, but They Can Do Serious Damage to Your Roof.

When winter rolls around we get excited about the first snowfall, and the drop from the hot humid weather, but winter can be brutal on your roof. Without proper care and preparation every year, you could be putting your roof in serious danger for roof damage, and setting yourself up for more cost than you’d like. It is important to invest in your roof because it is the one major thing that keeps the weather off of you. There are a few small things that can be done to make sure that the integrity of your roof lasts winter and winter.


Tips to Protect You from Roof Damage

  1. When there is easy rainfall, it can wash things like leaves and branches on your roof where you may forget about them for long periods of time. It is important that you clean these off, or hire a professional to come clean your roof before major snowfall happens. The more weight that is on your roof, the more likely it is that something will go wrong.
  2. When water freezes inside of your gutters it can cause ice damming. This can cause serious roof damage.
  3. Always keep an eye out for missing roof shingles or ones that may be damaged or are coming off. It is an easy fix to repair or replace a few singles, but if you wait and don’t fix the problem, you may end up needing an entirely new roof which can cost a lot of money, and also may not be able to be done easily in the winter time.

When winter is upon us, it is important that you pay attention to your roof, and call out a professional to repair any roof damage. This will give you peace of mind and let you know that the job will be done right, by trained and licensed professionals. Call us today for an appointment.