Attic Ventilation and Insulation Installation

Poor attic ventilation and insulation can lead to all sorts of problems for your home. Avoid mold, roof damage, and energy waste with proper attic ventilation and insulation! Call Crosby Roofing today at 478-785-2285 for professional attic ventilation and insulation in Macon, GA.

Do You Need Better Attic Ventilation?

attic ventilation and insulationGood attic ventilation is essential in preventing mold growth, damaged insulation, and wood rot. It also helps keep attic temperatures down in the summer. Because of the temperature difference between your home’s interior and outside, your roof and attic undergo constant fluctuations. This can lead to condensation, which will cause mold and wood rot if not removed. Proper attic ventilation will help air flow through your soffit into the attic and out the vent on top of your roof.

While there are different types of vents, they are all designed to accomplish the same purpose. In addition to removing moisture, attic ventilation also helps control attic temperature. Without it, your attic temperature could reach 140 degrees in the summer, which puts unnecessary strain on your central air system. With a cooler attic, you can extend the life of your air conditioner and save money on energy use.

In addition to good ventilation, proper attic insulation also helps control temperature and protect your home from energy waste. With improper or wet insulation, your home temperature may be difficult to control. Don’t waste money on air conditioning and heating due to poor attic insulation! Call Crosby Roofing today for a free attic and roof inspection. Our certified roofing contractors can assess the quality of your attic insulation and ventilation and let you know the best options for you home.

Save Money and Protect Your Home

If you’ve noticed your air conditioner struggling to cool your home or increased allergies and asthma symptoms, you might have problems in your attic. Without good ventilation and insulation, you will need more roof and HVAC repairs more often. Protect your home from damage and save money on needless repairs by ensuring your attic is in good shape!

Call Crosby Roofing today for expert attic ventilation and insulation in Macon, GA at 478-785-2285!