Why is a Roof Inspection Important?

You have undoubtedly seen advertisements for roof inspections all over town, especially after a bad storm. But are they as important as roofing companies make them out to be? The truth is, a roof inspection is vital to the health and longevity of your roofing system. Luckily, the Crosby Roofing experts provide free roof inspections throughout the Macon & Augusta, GA area.

Free Roof Inspection

Whether for a Commercial a Residential Roofing System, Roof Inspections are Imperative to the Life and Durability of Your System.

Material Wear and Tear

Although most roofing systems can last at least 15 years, that doesn’t mean that each individual piece of roofing material will last. Typically, some of the material will need to be repaired or replaced at some point, whether caused by a storm, high winds, or UV damage. A roof inspection will help catch these problems early to prevent extensive repairs.

Sagging and Other Damages

Especially in low-sloped construction, water damage can be a big problem that develops quickly. A small leak in your roof can contribute to material damage, underlayment damage or even structural damages. Professional roofers will inspect your roofing system from bottom to top checking for damage like seam separation, rot, or other water damage indicators to ensure your home is safe and protected.

Critter Doorways

Another problem many homeowners face is the unwelcome habitation of animals, insects, and critters in their attic or roof. Typically, animals enter your home by small openings where the material is either missing or separated. A roofing technician will inspect your system for signs of separation or other entry points to keep your home free from rodents and other house guests.

Keep your home’s roof in top condition with regular roof inspection provided by the Crosby Roofing technicians. Our experts will provide a complete evaluation of your entire roofing system free of charge so you can rest assured that your home is protected to its fullest. Call us now at 478-785-2285.