Roof Inspection Tips

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Professional roof inspections should consist of full exterior and interior examinations as well as an diagnosis assessment of the roof damage and its cost

Crosby Roofing offers free roof inspections in Macon, GA. A lot of people wonder, what exactly goes on during a roof inspection? What kinds of things do professional roofers look for while they are there? These are all questions we hope to answer in this blog post. Consider the following roof inspection tips to get a better idea of what you can expect:

Exterior Inspection

Roofing contractors should asses the outside part of your roof. First, they should look for worn down material and noticeable chipping or cracking. Next, contractors should ensure there is no signs of leaks, or slope irregularities. Finally, roofers should check the chimney and ensure that everything is running smoothly on that front.

Interior Inspection

Contractors should inspect the interior of your roof by going to the attic. They should first check the R-Value of your interior roof to ensure suitable insulation. Roofers should follow up by checking for moisture infiltration which can be caused by poor ventilation. Mold will generate in attics that suffer from moisture infiltration and poor ventilation.

Roof Diagnosis

Upon completion of exterior and interior roof inspections, contractors should give your roof a final assessment, or diagnosis. At this point, homeowners can determine the extent of the damage, and the price estimate for repair. The professional should include a solution recommendation. For a free roof inspection in Macon, GA, call us today at 478-785-2285