Hey, Columbia Folks!

Your friendly neighborhood roofing company, Crosby Roofing, is back with some more tales and tips from the world of shingles and roof repairs in our charming Columbia, SC. Today’s hot topic? A classic duel: CertainTeed Grand Manor vs. GAF Camelot II shingles. Which one is best?

Why Crosby Roofing Repair Team Chooses CertainTeed

Choosing the right shingle can make all the difference when it comes to roof repairs, especially in a place like Columbia SC. Roofing adventures with Crosby have shown us that CertainTeed Grand Manor not only talks the talk but walks the walk. But why do we favor it over the popular GAF Camelot II? Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty!

Durability – Columbia SC Roofing’s Favorite Choice

In our numerous roof repairs around Columbia, we’ve noted the undeniable beauty of the Grand Manor shingles. They stand tall and robust, defending against the whims of our sometimes tumultuous local weather, proving time and again why they’re a favorite in the Columbia SC roofing arena.

Aesthetic Appeal – A Homeowners Dream

Grand Manor doesn’t just bring toughness to the table; it’s also about that high-class curb appeal. As a roofing company with an eye for elegance, we can’t resist the dimensional, slate-esque charm these shingles bring to our roofing projects!

The Warranty Wonderland

In our extensive experience with roof repairs and roof replacements, we appreciate a good warranty, and that’s another arena where Grand Manor shines. With a lifetime-limited warranty, they ensure your roof is not just installed but assuredly protected for years to come!

Tailor-Made for You

And did we mention colors? From the subtle to the striking, the Grand Manor series spoils you with choices, ensuring your roof repairs result in a palette that’s uniquely you!  No matter what color of your home, there are multiple choices to choose from to make your home stand out.

The GAF Camelot II Conundrum

Sure, the GAF Camelot II has its merits. Yet, when compared to the royalty that is Grand Manor in both durability and aesthetic allure, our heart (and expert opinion!) as a seasoned Columbia SC roofing company is set on the latter.

Crafting Roofs, Building Trust

Columbia, when it comes to roof repairs and creating beautiful, sturdy shelters above your heads, Crosby Roofing is here to ensure you get nothing but the best. The Grand Manor shingles have been our choice in crafting roofs that stand the test of time and elements, all while looking utterly fabulous!

So, if the rooftops are your concern, whether it be a small roof repair or a grand roofing transformation, let’s chat about granting your home the Grand Manor grace!

P.S. Always here for a hearty chat about all things roof repairs, shingles, or just to catch up. Give your friendly local roofing company, Crosby Roofing, a call anytime!