Roofing Claims 101


Storm damage to roofThe wind is howling, lightening is flashing and all around you can hear trees beating on your roof. Springtime in the south is a beautiful thing, with blooming flowers and perfect temperatures…and storms. While you lay in bed listening to the raging weather, you may be wondering just how you can repair the damage without spending a fortune. If you’re wondering about the ins and outs of filing your roofing claim- read on and let us help you figure it out!

Call a Roofing Contractor First!

You may be tempted to call your homeowner’s insurance company right off the bat, but the best plan is to actually call an independent roofing contractor first. An independent company, who doesn’t work for your insurance company can give you the most objective view of the damage to your roof. While you pay your insurance company, they don’t necessarily want to pay for your roofing repair. Calling an independent roofing contractor gives you a more accurate estimate of what repairs need to be made to your roof.

Gather Your Insurance Information.

Before you call your insurance company, make sure you have your insurance policy on hand and you have gone over it thoroughly. Going over your insurance policy with a fine-toothed comb can insure that you know what your rates and rights are!

Call Your Insurance Company.

After you have your trusted roofing company check out your roof (and document any damage) and gathered your insurance information then feel free to call your insurance company. Your insurance company will most likely want to set up an inspection with one of their own adjusters.

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